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Mi trabajo escrito sobre el cuento "Mi querida bicicleta"
Life Long Learning
Career development
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Career development

Career development

As a future educator, I know that it is important to take every chance that comes my way to better my career in education. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a teacher. I have always observed my classrooms and the methods that my teacher's used to teach the class. Through my years in school, I have a good idea on how to present information to my class and how to set up my classroom, physically and mentally speaking.
I am a Spanish Education major, and I volunteer some of my free time helping Spanish speaking children. As of now, I talk with them and I am seen as a mentor to them. I try to guide them in the correct path. Not only have they learned about my culture, but they have taught me about their culture as well. My understanding of their culture will better help me be an excellent Spanish Education teacher.
I continue to take courses in Spanish that will better my education and understanding of the Spanish cultures. Hopefully with my travel abroad experience this summer, I will have more information to present to my future classes once I am a teacher.